Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ethnography of 1960's Life on Haight-Ashbury

Found another great youtube link about the hippie subculture. This link is more along the lines of an "ethnography". The clip is actual footage of hippie life on Haight-Ashbury during the later the famous 1967 sumer of love. The clip sheds some new light on the everyday happenings of this vibrant district. The conclusion I derived from this video is that the hippie life in the Haight was more mundane and prosaic than anyone in the media would have led you to believe.At the same time, I think the video shows that the Hippie's did have a passionate, albeit pluralistic, ideology and there were those hippies, like the guy at the end of the clip, that were radically passionate about issues like the war in Vietnam.  Feel free to draw your own conclusions and comment about them in the comments sections. Enjoy.

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